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Our Collaboration

Every year, MUTC works together with University Tennis Academy (UTA) to deliver the best tennis experience to the community at the University of Melbourne. MUTC focuses on providing social events and competitions to tennis enthusiasts, while UTA focuses on providing the skills and expertise a player needs to bring their game to the next level.

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University Tennis Academy

University Tennis Academy (UTA) is a Premium Tennis Coaching provider in collaboration with MUTC, offering a range of tennis lessons and related services for all ages and abilities. Junaid Hossain is the director and head coach of UTA and brings years of tennis experience with innovative and proven coaching methods to guarantee your improvement and take your game to another dimension. 

UTA strives to provide everybody with an opportunity for growth and positive experiences, through the wonderful sport of tennis. They provide extensive private, group, and squad coaching services, with lessons catering to all skill sets and levels of experience, with classes run throughout the year.

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