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Social Events


Social Events are where we bring socializing into tennis. These events are all about making new friends, having a relaxing hit of tennis, while having a laugh with the people around you. These events show that we're not only just about playing tennis but rather, we're about celebrating humanity through the medium of tennis.


Club Hitting

Club Hitting sessions are where members get to come along and play for free. We encourage all our members to come to club hitting whenever they have the chance, to make the most of their memberships. The sessions are very relaxing and usually just involve rotating around the courts to have a casual hit with different people.

Current club hitting times are:

  • Tuesdays 2 - 4 pm

  • Fridays 2 - 5 pm

During semester weeks


Every semester, we host at least one barbecue to celebrate all things tennis, all things MUTC, and all good things in general. This is where we usually host a hitting session as well, along with other fun activities.

Pub nights

Every so often (while not in lockdown), we will head down to the pub to have a drink and chat. This is where members have the chance to get to know us and get to know each other better!