Social Doubles



Internal competitions are our club's intra-competition, perfect for members who would like to play against others in a friendly and social setting. Social Doubles is a competition that runs every year at MUTC. The competition aligns with the university semesters and is played in a team format. Semester 1 and 2 are separate competitions that both last around 8-10 weeks, in a mixed doubles round-robin format, with each team playing every week. All players who enter this competition are graded and placed in appropriate levels in an intermediate or advanced section. Players are put into teams of 5-6 members and compete against other teams in a round-robin format. Each team has a captain and a rotating roster where 6 sets are played per round. Whilst this is a competition, the objective is to keep a fun and engaging environment with great sportsmanship amongst all players and to make friends with fellow club members.



Members get a 20% discount on this event. The fee for Social Doubles is:

  • $80 for members

  • $100 for non-members



To register for internal competitions, please fill out the expression of interest form below. Once you have filled out the form, continue to the next section.



Prior to commencing, all participants need to pay their entry fee. In order to pay, please use the link below. 

Note: You will not be placed in a team until your payment has been confirmed.



What happens if there is a washout?

Washouts are treated as rounds not played and they are attempted to be played during the end of the season.

How do finals work?

#1 plays #2 after the round-robin season to crown the winning team. All other teams get to playoff for a finishing spot as well during finals week.

What does the winning team get?

The winning team receives different prizes each year. This will be announced to teams at the start of the competition.

What happens if we don’t have a full team on match day?

You can ask another team member to fill in. Alternatively, MUTC can provide emergency or reserve players if enough notice is given.

What is the scoring system?

Each match played is 1 set to 6 games, with a tie-break at 5-5 all.

What happens if we can’t finish the matches in the time given?

The remaining/unfinished matches is
called a draw and points are split.

Where do we get the balls from?

The balls can be picked up by the captain on match day from the front desk in the sports centre, and also returned there upon completion of the match.

How do we enter the scores?

MUTC will provide a live google sheet for scorekeeping.