Membership Sign-Up


Read these instructions carefully!

There are 3 steps to signing up as a member. Which should take you around 10 minutes to complete.

STEP 1. Complete a 2-minute survey for members.

STEP 2. Follow the link in the "Tennis Australia membership confirmation" section to go to the Tennis Australia website and confirm that you are becoming a member with us. This step will involve a small fee of $5 that is a part, but not all, of your total membership fee.

STEP 3. Choose one of the membership plans below. Log in / sign up for your MUTC account and pay this subscription fee to finish the entire process.​

NOTE: Step 2 and Step 3 will require you to have 2 different accounts. Step 2 requires that you have an account on the Tennis Australia website and pay a small fee of $5. Step 3 requires that you have an account on THIS website and pay the rest of the fees for your membership.

IMPORTANT: All of these steps must be finished in order to finalize your membership with MUTC. Once all steps are finished, you should be able to access Member-restricted pages, enter into Member-exclusive competitions, and receive Member-only discounts.


Step 1: Complete this 2-minute survey.

We need to collect some general information about you. Please complete the following survey, then come back to this page and continue.


Step 2: Confirm your MUTC Membership with Tennis Australia.

To complete this, you will need to have a Tennis Australia account, this is DIFFERENT from the account you will use on our website. This step will require you to pay $5 on top of the Membership plan that you will purchase in Step 3.

IMPORTANT: When you have completed Step 2, come back to this page to do Step 3.

Click the button below to complete Step 2.


Step 3: Choose a Membership Plan.

Choose one of our Membership plans below. Student plans are only available for purchase by Melbourne University students.

You will need to log in / sign up for your MUTC account. This is DIFFERENT from the account you used to complete Step 1. Once you have logged in with an account, finish paying for your plan and you should be able to access Members-restricted pages and enter into Members-exclusive events.


Membership plans

  • 2021 Semester 2

  • 2021 Semester 2

    • Standard Membership